Alcohol Use Disorders (7) Tobacco control

20 January, 2024

Welcome to the HIFA forum Eduardo Bianco. I agree that efforts towards tobacco control are insufficient and engaging with a variety of stakeholders is good way forward. I was involved with a national study in Nigeria exploring the factors responsible for the use of Shisha through a mixed methods study and some of our findings results have just been accepted for publication on PLOS Global Public Health. It is a multi factorial and complex issue that has been further complicated by the hard push back from the tobacco companies.

I look forward to a robust discussion especially suggestions on ways forward. [*see note below]


Dr Ranti Ekpo

HIFA profile: Ranti Ekpo is Program Manager/Researcher at the dRPC in Nigeria. Professional interests: Health Advocacy, Child Health, Child diarrhoea, Childhood Pneumonia, Child Nutrition, Routine Immunisation, Family Planning. She is a member of the CHIFA steering group. ekpooy AT

[*Note from HIFA moderator (NPW): There are strong parallels regarding the role of the alcohol industry as compared with the tobacco industry. We shall explore this in more depth in our upcoming discussion officially starting February 5, but the floor is open now for comments: ]