Alcohol Use Disorders (95) The alcohol industry controls the narrative to undermine alcohol control policies (3)

26 February, 2024

Dear Eduardo,


You said:

"Therefore, there cannot be a “meeting point” between both parties; measures and strategies that are effective for public health harm the alcohol industry. Measures that are effective for the alcohol industry's objectives harm public health."


"For all these reasons, the former director general of the WHO, Margaret Chan, in 2013, expressed: “The alcohol industry cannot sit at the table or have a voice when the WHO defines its standards and preventive strategies, and cannot supplant the role of the government in formulating policies for alcohol control.”

Earlier today I sent a message that referenced the influence of the alcohol industry on the WHO Global Alcohol Action Plan, suggesting that in the past 10 years the alcohol industry is now indeed sitting at the table:

There are a lot of reasons that the alcohol industry should not have a role in global policy. Are there any reasons why they should be given a voice?

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