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26 February, 2024

What countries have the highest alcohol consumption? Here they are:

1. Latvia 13.19 (litres of pure alcohol per capita per year)

2. Moldova 12.85

3. Germany 12.79

4. Lithuania 12.78

5. Ireland 12.75

6. Spain 12.67

7. Uganda 12.48

8. Bulgaria 12.46

9. Luxembourg 12.45

10 Romania 12.34


All of these countries are in Europe with the exception of Uganda.

Can anyone comment on why these countries have such high consumption? What is the role of the alcohol industry? Is legislation inadequate or poorly enforced? Is there insufficient taxation on alcohol? Do the populations of these countries have an especially low understanding of the harms of alcohol?

Why does Uganda, in particular, have such a high consumption?

I invite all HIFA members to have a look at the table, which gives figures for every country (even North Korea) and comment on the situation in their country.

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