Antibiotic prescribing patterns in adult patients (2)

2 January, 2023

Health workers contribute to antibiotic resistance by wrongly prescribing antibiotics without a laboratory investigation of a client's condition. A lack of qualified laboratory personnel, re-agents, and perennial stock-outs in our health facilities enhances the problem. Another key contributor to antibiotic resistance is the lack of information on the side of patients, patients do not complete the prescribed dosage and one common practice in rural areas is the sharing of prescribed medicines among villagers.

There is a need for Community based health workers to conduct frequent and routine sensitization on the use of prescribed medicines.

Rael Kukule Akoru

Public Health Officer

Community Health Specialist and Menstrual Hygiene Champion-Kenya

HIFA Profile: Rael Kukule Akoru is a Public Health Officer for the Government of Kenya. Research interests: Public Health. Email: raelkukule AT