Artificial intelligence (4) The Rise of AI in the Healthcare Ecosystem

11 November, 2023

Thank you Joseph, and Neil .. for highlighting this content.

Yesterday I attended the BRITISH COMPUTER SOCIETY:

The Rise of AI in the Healthcare Ecosystem

Friday November 10th 2023

At the BCS London Office

Ground Floor, 25 Copthall Avenue, London, EC2R 7BP (near Moorgate underground)

Organised by BCS-SGAI

BCS event's are usually excellent and this was no exception:

The Chair for the day:

Dr. Mercedes Arguello Casteleiro (University of Southampton)

- invited people to get in touch to try and gather some momentum and longevity for this subject, research and awareness.

There are still many SPECIAL INTEREST GROUPS within the BCS, the BCS-SGAI merged from the Expert Systems SG.

Sadly the Nursing Specialist Group is not as active as late 80s-00s?

I will contact Dr. Arguello Casteleiro and highlight HIFA too, and my interest in informatics, information disorder, ignorance ... Hodges' model and transdisciplinarity.

Will keep you posted...

Kind regards,

Peter Jones

Community Mental Health Nurse and Researcher

CMHT, Prescott House, Salford NW England, UK (Mon-Tues)

Blogging at "Welcome to the QUAD"

HIFA profile: Peter Jones is a Community Mental Health Nurse with the NHS in NW England and a a part-time tutor at Bolton University. Peter champions a conceptual framework - Hodges' model - that can be used to facilitate personal and group reflection and holistic / integrated care. A bibliography is provided at the blog 'Welcome to the QUAD' (