Artificial Intelligence CoP for Global Health Workforce Training

15 June, 2023

Dear All

Our 'call to action' paper, entitled “An Equitable and Sustainable Community of Practice Framework to Address the Use of Artificial Intelligence for Global Health Workforce Training, “ is published today.

We need Artificial Intelligence (AI) to be able to ‘see’ the full context of what it is meant to learn. The accelerating and intricately evolving AI technology and digitalization will influence the education and practice of global healthcare workers. Understanding what recommendations we get from AI, how these recommendations were formulated, and whether or not to implement them within the context of global health workforce training is no longer a nice-to-have task, but a must-have. We believe that partnerships among various national, regional, and global stakeholders involved directly or indirectly with health workforce training ranging to name a few, from public health & clinical science training institutions, computer science, learning design, data science, technology companies, social scientists, law, and AI ethicists, need to be developed in ways that enable the formation of an equitable and sustainable Communities of Practice (CoP) to address the use of AI for global health workforce training.

Our paper has laid out a framework for such CoP.

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Seble Frehywot MD, MHSA

Professor of Global Health & Health Policy/

Co-Founder IT for Health and Education System Equity

Dept. of Global Health/

Dept. of Health Policy & Management

Milken Institute School of Public Health

The George Washington University

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HIFA profile: Seble Frehywot is Professor of Global Health and Health Policy and Co-Founder IT for Health and Education System Equity at the George Washington University, USA. She has worked in Asia, Africa and the United States in the fields of medicine, public health, international & national health policy analysis, health policy analysis capacity-building, and health services research and program management. Her research and policy analysis focus is on developing countries health workforce and health systems issues with a main focus on Sub-Saharan Africa and Asia Health Human Resource and Health Systems development and strengthening issues. She teaches International Comparative Health Systems course at the GWU. seblelf AT