Bill Gates: Why do children die? The toughest question I’ve ever had to answer (5)

11 September, 2022

Dear Neil and Everyone,

completely agree about the importance of health care information and health education for all, everywhere and also using digital and technological possibilities, as a simple email and international network like ours CHIFA has been doing, a sharp example and a drop of water in this ocean of public space/ i would like to add, also, my drop of clear, clean knowledge about > violence and abuses < an "invisible" and sensible topic> , as children-teens major cause of death and traumas/mental health problems/ other than the "classic"> diarrhea and dehydration/neglect/lack of access to proper health care/ Children have been used/abused as "sexual objects" and sexual exploitation and monetization at the dark/deep webs and social networks, a crime without borders/

Let´s keep our networking for more health rights for all children/teens and a better (also digital) world, take a look at the document > END VIOLENCE <

Brazilian Regards

Evelyn Eisenstein, MD

CHIFA profile: Evelyn Eisenstein, Diretora da Clínica de Adolescentes e do CEIIAS (Centro de Estudos Integrados, Infância, Adolescência e Saúde) Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. CHIFA member evelynbrasil AT