BMC Health Serv Res: Challenges of using e-health technologies to support clinical care in rural Africa (2)

17 January, 2023

Neil and HIFA colleagues

This looks like a case-study in how not to design a computerised CDSS! A system that is complicated to use, does not fit smoothly into workflows, and that diverts clinical staff time from care to admin is not a support system. (The sample size may be small but sometimes that does not matter e.g. if the question is just whether something happens – tasting one drop of an ocean is enough to tell you if it is salty!). [ ]

A useful fairly recent (non-technical) overview on CDSS and their design requirements can be found in the Nature Partner Journal Digital Medicine (Sutton, R.T., Pincock, D., Baumgart, D.C. et al. An overview of clinical decision support systems: benefits, risks, and strategies for success. npj Digit. Med. 3, 17 (2020). <> . This review includes a section “Pitfalls of CDSS”, several of which were clearly observed in the reported study.


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