BMC Pregnancy and Childbirth: Improving health literacy through group antenatal care: results from a cluster randomized controlled trial in Ghana

17 January, 2024

Interesting new paper from Ghana. The quote: The quote: "Life-saving information provided during ANC must be presented in an understandable format to prevent women and newborns from dying of preventable causes."

CITATION: Jody R. Lori, Vida Ami Kukula, Liya Liu, Veronica E.A. Apetorgbor, Bidisha Ghosh, Elizabeth Awini, Nancy Lockhart, Georgina Amankwah, Ruth Zielinski, Cheryl A. Moyer & John Williams

BMC Pregnancy and Childbirth, volume 24, Article number: 37 (2024)

'In this cluster randomized trial based in the Eastern Region of Ghana, researchers sought to determine the effect of group antenatal care (G-ANC) on increasing maternal health literacy. This study enrolled a total of 1761 participants over 5 years, and found that women enrolled in the group antenatal care intervention improved their health literacy scores significantly more than the control group, and were more likely to attend 8 or more ANC visits. This study provides promising findings of the potential benefits of implementing group antenatal care options for improving health literacy.'

I have invited the authors to join us.

Meanwhile I invite comments on the above paper and sharing of experience on promoting health literacy.

Best wishes, Neil

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