BMJ Glob Health: The role of social media in public health crises (2) The role of 'influencers'

9 January, 2024

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Neil, individual "influencers" are natural communicators, engagers and leaders. Christiano Ronaldo has 450,000,000 followers, Nikki Minage has 125,000,000 followers.

In answer to your statement "Also lacking is an understanding of the ways that individual social media users can best engage with and filter information from a variety of online sources to make well-inforned choices around health behaviors" we do understand a little of how best to engage.

Providers acknowledge the crucial importance role of "influencers" in the dissemination of information, understanding and belief. Providers develop a workstream to educate influencers and to provide influencers with current and up to date information about developing health issues. Influencers will be more likely to provide advice to their followers that supports well informed choices.

I would imagine that tbe same could apply to primary and secondary schools which are, it seems, "influencers" too?


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