BMJ Global Health -Equitable recovery from COVID-19: bring global commitments to community level

20 January, 2021

Dear HIFA and CHIFA readers I am sure you will find this article interesting. It calls for equitable recovery from covid-19 and bringing global commitments to community level. At a time when people are heavily focusing on vaccines, almost as a ‘silver bullet’, it keeps a focus on the wider demands.

* “Who sits at the table to design the ‘reset’ shapes the change” – provide opportunities for meaningful public involvement.

* “Rather than ‘getting back to normal’, recovery and ‘reset’ demands change”

* “Economic recovery should not replicate the features of the global economy that are generating pandemic and other crises,”

* “Years of underinvestment left public health and social systems poorly prepared and overstretched”

* The test of global pronouncements and recovery measures are if they equitably benefit families, young people and children

* COVID has intensified women’s risks and burdens – recovery must intensify gender equity

Equitable recovery from COVID-19: bring global commitments to community level has now been published online by BMJ Global Health.

You can access it at:

Best regards Liz

CHIFA Profile: Elizabeth Mason is former Director of the Department of Maternal, Newborn, Child and Adolescent Health (MCA) in WHO. She is interested in how to provide quality health services for women and children, and how to extend the health system into the community. She spent 24 years living and working in Zimbabwe, and worked across many countries of the African Region. She is a member of the Independent Accountability Panel for Every Woman, Every Child, EWEC, which reports on progress towards the UNSG Global Strategy for Woman, Children and Adolescents. elizabethmason108 AT