BMJ: Guidelines should consider clinicians’ time needed to treat (2) Including patients and families in guideline development

25 January, 2023

Another strategy to help complete guidelines is to include the patient, family and proxy as part of the guideline execution team.

Parents Alresford take responsibility for childhood health, "children" of elderly parents and tbe State take responsibility and agency for their parents as their parents lose their agency."

I asked tbe year 7s and year 7s (11, 12 and 13 year olds at the school where we are giving Nebula lectures "what is medicine". One very bright and inquisitive boy who often seems to know more than me said "making people better".

UK primary care Medicine according to Robin Stott is made up of

1. immediate care - for newly arrived " problems",

2. continuing care for continuing and problems and multiple morbidity,

3. preventative care - passive care received by patients such as vaccinations, cervical screening, breadth screening, weight,vsmoking, blood pressure screening, child development screening.

4. Health promotion - exercise, social inclusion behaviours, positive mental health, diet, dance, thestre, song, faith etc

My tenet for building a patient centred medical centre was that by sharing the guidelines, knowledge, skills, tools, medical records with patients and families, we could complete more of tbe seemingly endless tasks that quidelines present us with.

We could "delegate but not abdicate from responsibility".


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