BMJ news: 'Taking down online scientific misinformation isn't necessary, as most people don't believe it, says Royal Society' (6)

26 January, 2022

Thanks Neil for sharing us the article! Restricting it from appearing in internet wouldn't be effective means to reduce its effect. I share their conclusion. As noted by the authors, making reliable ("healthy onlineinformation") available through all social media platforms will better. We need to provide a competitive alternative in artistic manner. Besides, improving the health literacy of citizens, and enforcing a responsible sharing of information shall be strengthen.

Recently, I sponsored videos on Facebook which discourages visiting health professionals for lower back pain and advertising a the use of device. When such Misinformation are about infectious conditions and vaccine the harm will be larger.

HIFA profile: Beyene Meressa is a lecturer at Mekelle University, Ethiopia. Professional interests: research in priority health problems and project design and implementation improve public health. beyene2006m AT