Call for papers: Building and restoring trust in science and health information (3) HIFA paper on role of communication/information in healthcare for all

23 December, 2022

Very nice idea Najeeb and happy to be part of this project.

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Best wishes

Dr Meena Nathan Cherian, MBBS, MD (Anaesthesia)

(Former WHO Lead Emergency and Essential Surgical Care Program, Geneva, Switzerland).

Director, Global Health New Challenges:online courses, Geneva Foundation for Medical Education & Research (GFMER), Switzerland. <>

Senior Advisor, Global Action, International Society of Geriatric Oncology (SIOG), Switzerland. SIOG Secretariat - SIOG <>

Adjunct Prof.The Chinese University of Hong Kong,Shenzen,HK China. <>

WHO-HIFA Working Group on Essential Health Services and COVID-19; mHEALTH-INNOVATE. <>

Geneva, Switzerland. <mailto:+41%20763837253> +41 763837253(m); <>

HIFA profile: Meena Cherian is Director, Emergency & Surgical Care program, Geneva Foundation of Medical Education and Research, Geneva, Switzerland. She is a member of the HIFA working group on Essential Health Services and COVID-19. cherianm15 AT