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ChatGPT vs UpToDate (2)

24 January, 2024

The crucial issue before clinicians today is to decide how much to rely on AI tools. At least as of today, no AI tool should be used as a direct decision making tool but only as an aid to human decision making.

Another issue which sometimes bothers me and I seek esteemed members' views is privacy of patient data or personal data.

HIFA profile: Sandeep Saluja is an Internist at Saran Ashram Hospital, Dayalbagh, Agra, India. He is also a Rheumatologist and was earlier with the All India Institute of Medical Sciences. He has volunteered to work in remote inaccesible parts of India for no personal or commercial reasons. He is a member of the HIFA working group on Information for Prescribers and Users of Medicines. www.hifa.org/projects/prescribers-and-users-medicines


Twitter @doctorsaluja