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ChatGPT vs UpToDate (3)

24 January, 2024

I agree totally with Sandeep when he calls for guarantees (my word) for preservation of ‘privacy and patient data or personal data’!

Like him, I feel that most discussions about AI in health care either leaves out the vital issue of informed consent and confidentiality and how AI affects it or mention the matter in-passing only. 

I am wondering how HIFA can lead the escalation of this neglect because from all indications AI is here and will only increase its role in healthcare going forward. Bring it up in the webinars planned for this year, both for SO and members? 

Joseph Ana

HIFA Profile: Joseph Ana is the Lead Senior Fellow/Medical Consultant at the Centre for Clinical Governance Research and Patient Safety (CCGR&PS) with Headquarters in Calabar, Nigeria, established by HRI Global (former HRIWA)... jneana AT yahoo.co.uk