Child & Adolescent Health Meeting (Post-event Circulation to connect & stay in touch)

13 November, 2020

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

Dear Researchers and Colleagues!

Thank you very much for your high-quality, active & lively contributions to the int. 2-day online meeting on Tue & Wed Nov 10 & 11, 2020:

Improving Child & Adolescent Health for better Public Health - Fiction or within the scope of possibility?

The aim of this international meeting & research exchange was to ...

1. discuss child & adolescent health from a lifestyle-centered and less medicalized perspective

2. showcase ongoing & completed research projects; and

3. introduce new research ideas for future collaborative projects in order to apply for national and international grants


74 researchers & colleagues

52 Universities/Organizations of various disciplines

23 nations (Austria, Australia, Bangladesh, Brazil, China, Czech Republic,

Denmark, France, Germany, Hungary, India, Indonesia, Iran, Italy, Jordan,

Lithuania, Macedonia, Nigeria, Norway, South Afrika, United Kingdom,

United States of America, Vietnam)

5 continents


Dr. Michael Klaper, Moving Medicine Forward, PlantPure Communities, Medical School Nutrition Education Initiative, USA

Taking the Fear Out Feeding Vegan Diets to Children:

Publications planned related to both the int. meetings:

Visioning an International Research & Knowledge Exchange for Addressing Today's Global Health Paradox

Meeting 1 - Innsbruck/LFUI, Feb, 2020: Health and Wellbeing

Meeting 2 - Graz-Innsbruck-Linz/Zoom, Nov, 2020: Improving Child & Adolescent Health for better Public Health - Fiction or within the scope of possibility? The perspective of a lifestyle-centered approach

1. Abstract Proceedings of both these 2 int. Meetings as Supplement planned (submission asap)

2. Consensus Paper:

* all participants of both the int. meetings will be invited to contribute (1st draft will sent out as soon as ready for sharing with you)

* please confirm your contribution along with your special theme by

sending an e-mail to: katharina.wirnitzer@ph<>

* Deadline for confirmation to contribute: Friday, Nov 27th 2020

Team Up & Think Big! - Heading for robust Partnerships for collaborative Research-Projects/R&S-Applications:

Please contact the respective researchers!

* Lima, Rodrigo, University of Graz, AT:<>

Possible effects of the Covid-19 pandemic on child and adolescent mental health

* Ngoumou, Gonza, Charité Universitätsmedizin Berlin, GE:<>

The APEK-Study - Projected study proposal: A multicenter prospective controlled observational Study investigating the effects of a vegetarian and a vegan diet on physical and cognitive development in early childhood

* Wirnitzer KC, University College of Teacher Education Tyrol, Innsbruck, AT:<>

From Science 2 School: cross-sectional

DE: & EN:

* "From Science 2 School: Sustainably healthy - active & veggy"

going international/Europe -> ERASMUS-application

* "From Science 2 School: Sustainably healthy - active & veggy"

going global -> min. 1 partner at each continent

From Science 2 School: mixed method, clinical setting with matched samples

1. From Science 2 School 2.0: small cohort, AT -> maybe multi-center in AT, or maybe partners for a Lead-Agency application with 2 or more partners, eg. Germany (Charité), Switzerland, France, etc. as well as int./global

From Science 2 HighSchool/University: cross-sectional (website under construction)

Continued from DE: & EN:

* "From Science 2 HighSchool/University" Austria nation-wide at tertiaer level

* "From Science 2 HighSchool/University" going international/Europe -> ERASMUS-application (best same partners as for From Science 2 School)

* "From Science 2 HighSchool/University" going global -> min. 1 partner at each continent (best same partners as for From Science 2 School)

Review of national Curricula: primary, secondary, tertiary educational levels

* Review of national Curricula (EU member states, members of WHO Europe/SHE Network) -> ERASMUS-application or other

Thank you for your kind and positive feedback, these are a few examples of the comments we received from you:

Excellent event!

Tanks for this excellent meeting.

Congratulations to this internationally recoginzed line up of speakers and your excellent work.

Congrats again on an incredible conference!

I am deeply impressed! Congratulations on your "top-class" event.

It was a wonderful opportunity to meet you and researchers from all over the world - thank you very much.

Thank you for connecting me with this wonderful group. Congratulations.

It was our pleasure to have you with us, hoping to stay connected!

Kind regards,

Katharina Wirnitzer, University College of Teacher Education Tyrol & Leopold-Franzens University, Innsbruck, AT

CHIFA profile: Katharina Wirnitzer works at the Department of Subject Didactics and Educational Research and Development, University College of Teacher Education Tyrol, Austria.