Child Rights during the Covid-19 pandemic

16 October, 2023

This week, the journal ‘Children' published a paper that collaborators within the International Society for Social Pediatrics and Child Health (ISSOP) and I have worked on since 2021. In the paper, we argue children’s rights were generally not safeguarded in the initial COVID-19 pandemic response and negatively impacted children’s health and well-being. Further, children lacked meaningful opportunities to raise their concerns to policymakers. In our research, we applied the 5P <>framework (Provision, Protection, Participation, Preparation and Power) guided by articles in the Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC). We conclude the 5Ps can shape an ethical child rights-based decision-making framework for future national and global crises. In a time of wars and atrocities, we need to remind ourselves and others about the need for enhanced visibility of children’s human rights and sometimes even implore them to be adequately safeguarded and actioned.

Here is a link to the open-access article:


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