Communicating health research (128) Health and climate change: an editorial (6)

5 November, 2022

One of the contributing factors to climate change is the poor management of tons and tons of non biodegradable sanitary pads to the in environement. Every day 800 million women and girls realest millions of non-biodegradable sanitary pads to the environment, these pads end up clogging our sewerage systems,some end up in open fields, eventually being swept up into our rivers and water sources. On the other hand, menstruating girls and women contribute millions in GDP, during menstruation, as they manage menstruation. There is need to plough the money generated by menstruating women and girls into systems, that ensure these girls and women menstruate in dignity.

Rael Akoru

Menstrual Hygiene Champion-Kenya

HIFA Profile: HIFA profile: Rael Kukule Akoru is Public Health Officer for the Government of Kenya

Research interests: Public Health

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