Communicating health research (19) Open access and research communication

6 September, 2022

Many of us would argue that open access is a critical aspect of effective communication of health research to policymakers. It promotes transparency and trust, and it allows the policymaker (and those who write policy briefs or use other methods to inform the policymaker) to interrogate the full text.

PLOS, and their flagship journal PLOS Medicine, is one of the pioneers of open access publishing. Here, PLOS leaders discuss their 'values-driven vision for change in the scholarly community': [Read online with links to blogs: ]


What drives us?

Using a values-driven approach to initiate bold change in science communication

A selection of our senior leaders discuss the importance of values in Open Science and how practicing these values generates positive impacts within the research community and society as a whole.

Emily Chenette

George Vousden

PLOS ONE Editor-in-Chief Emily Chenette and Deputy Editor-in-Chief George Vousden discuss their roles, the history of the journal, and the creation of our new Inclusivity in Global Research policy.

Ensuring fair opportunities for all authors

Marcel LaFlamme

PLOS Open Research Manager, Marcel LaFlamme discusses the importance of Open Science and being curious and collaborative in our approach to building solutions.

Exploring the possibilities of Open Science

Roheena Anand

Executive Director, Global Publishing Development, Roheena Anand, discusses PLOS’ aims to ensure representation and inclusion of local research communities in developing a fair and equitable open research future.

Collaborating globally to build trust in science

Emily Chenette

Chief Publishing Officer Niamh O’Connor discusses her role in building strong teams and working together to achieve a strong vision for PLOS.

Working together to lead science communication forward

Sara Rouhi

Sara Rouhi, Director of Strategic Partnerships, discusses her vision for inclusivity in scholarly publishing, reducing the barriers for more authors to publish open access.

Changing the landscape to make Open Access more affordable


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