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24 September, 2022

Dear Richard,

Thank you for your comments. This highlights the role of collaboration and advocacy in driving policy change.

Revisiting the central question for our discussion - What are the most impactful methods for researchers to communicate their research to policymakers so that the research is seen and applied? - it seems that we can now look at this from at least three angles:

1. Direct communication of a single study from researcher (or research team) to policymakers

2. Communication of a single study through engaging multiple stakeholders

3. Collaboration with other research teams and other stakeholders to pool research evidence and drive advocacy.

I think there are multiple examples of #3 - indeed perhaps this is the most common approach and effective in practice?

However, the spirit of our oriqinal question was "How can a researcher (or research team) communicate their single study to policymakers with more impact?". Can anyone describe a single piece of research that they have done (or know about) and how this was communicated (or not) to policymakers?

How often is there a direct line between a single piece of primary research and policymakers?

Best wishes, Neil

Joint Coordinator, HIFA Communicating health research

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