Communicating health research (74) Q2. What are the different approaches? (18)

25 September, 2022

In my last message I wrote:

'In terms of supporting research communication in the future, Mark Storey (USA) suggested: "It would be useful to develop a toolkit (describing the different types of interventions) together with a number of brief case studies providing examples of different approaches used at many of the different operational levels and local settings in which changes have successfully (or even unsuccessfully) been promoted." Is anyone aware of previous work in this area? What already exists in terms of guidance for researchers to increase the visibility and impact of their work?'

I am reminded that Irina Ibaghimova recommended three texts:

1. Helpful hints for sharing research with people in policy (the UK)

2. Connecting research with policy: Guide to writing for policy-makers (Australia, National Environmental Science Program )

3. Research Engagement with Policy Makers: a practical guide to writing policy briefs (the UK, NIHR Policy Research Unit in Behavioural Science)

Is anyone aware of other guides?

Best wishes, Neil

Joint Coordinator, HIFA Communicating health research