Communicating health research (76) Q2. What are the different approaches? (19)

25 September, 2022

Dear Neil,

The following paper from the UK could be of interest from a practical point of view:

'Localising and tailoring research evidence helps public health decision making'

"This paper explores the mechanisms used by information professionals with a specific knowledge mobilisation role to make evidence useful for local decision making and planning of public health interventions...Published research evidence is made fit for local commissioning and planning purposes by information professionals through two mechanisms. They localise evidence (relate evidence to local context and needs) and tailor it (present actionable messages)".


HIFA profile: Irina Ibraghimova is an independent consultant with a PhD. in library sciences and more than 20 years’ international experience in ICT for health projects. She now serves as a Co-editor for the International Journal of Health Governance (Emerald Publishing). Professional interests: Information and health literacy, evidence-based practice, science communication and medical journals editing. She is a HIFA country representative for Croatia: