Communities of Practice in Global Health

1 July, 2020

From the LeaderNet Newsletter. HIFA is proud to be working with others to raise the profile of communities of practice (CoPs) in global health.

'Communities of practice (CoPs) are becoming increasingly important to complement physical conferences and webinars, as they promote professional communication and understanding among different disciplines, cultures, experience, and languages. A short list of CoPs in global health is available on LeaderNet:

'Learn more in this blog by HIFA, Jhpiego, MSH, and Circle Project and let us know if your CoP is not yet included!


CoPs are uniquely inclusive, diverse, environmentally sustainable, cost-effective, continuous, cumulative, and organic. The potential collective impact of CoPs in global health is huge, but is unrealised simply because there is not a single funding agency (to my knowledge) that recognises their value. The levels of funding that are required are minuscule.

Personally I hope our work on CoPs in global health will lead to increased collaboration, advocacy, and support, and a stepchange in global health communication.

Best wishes, Neil

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