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2 June, 2023

Compassion: An Engine for Primary Health Care?

Join us as we explore the linkages between compassion and PHC

Tuesday, June 27, 2023

11:00 am - 12:30 pm ET (UTC - 4)

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The radical reorientation of health systems toward primary health care has been highlighted as a key priority for countries across the world. This PHC-focused approach may benefit from an engine for change – compassion.

Compassion has the power to enhance solidarity and is critical for just and lasting change. Highlighting the role of compassion and bringing it to the conscious level in all PHC-focused action can be a central aspect of future efforts.

Join us as we hear thoughts and experiences from colleagues around the world. In this webinar we will:

* Articulate how compassion is linked to the core principles of primary health care (PHC).

* Describe how compassion can support the operationalization of PHC.

* Share ideas and experiences emerging from global health professionals on the linkages between compassion and PHC.

* Provide an open space for exploration to refine thinking on the subject.

* Identify potential pathways forward in placing compassion at the heart of PHC driven efforts to enhance healthy and wellbeing.

Primary Health Care is a whole-of-society approach to health that aims to maximize the level and distribution of health and well-being through three components: (a) primary care & essential public health functions as the core of integrated health services; (b) multi-sectoral policy & action; and (c) empowered people & communities. A focus on equity is key to the PHC approach to drive health systems towards universal health coverage (UHC), the ultimate goal.

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Venus Mushininga, Sambo Guemgo, Shailey Prasad, and Anbrasi Edward

This exploration of compassion and PHC is designed to inform WHO efforts on radical reorientation of health systems towards primary health care, and the drive towards universal health coverage (UHC). For those of you who may be familiar with our Global Health Compassion Rounds (GHCR) - a regular gathering of a global community to share experiences, challenge ideas, and spark thinking on compassion in global health - this webinar will look and feel similar.

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