The concept of "at-risk newborn" (11)

23 January, 2023

I would like to share with you the way we get to reduce child mortality under one year old, and better results for breastfeeding until six months of child age.

We are in a middle city from the south of Brazil, Itajai has 200.000 inhabitants and we have almost 4.500 births each year. In the public maternity we have 90% of all births and we (county) have receive information of all births, inside this maternity has a office for registration of each birth with information from the birth weight, form of birth (vaginal or cesarean section), APGAR score, gestation weeks of age, relation of weight for gestation weeks.

Our city has community teams for primary care and at this maternity We have a community nurse that has a cellular phone to communicate each birth for the team that take care during prenatal care. We believe this way of communication is a very important issue for what has happen in the first hours of life and the newborn conditions.

As a can help for some health policy in our city, we have a first look to the risk newborns that we categorize with these criteria:

1. Inadequate weight for birth age

2. Low birth weight (less than 2.500 grams)

3. Age of the mother

4. Numbers of births of the mother

5. APGAR score less than 7, in the 5 minutes of life

We had recently opened breastfeeding center with 12 hours with specialized nurse and free agenda. The nurses can do laser therapy if necessary and a very important time for information and reduce breastfeeding problems.

I will write about the others policy change that we use to help to reduce infantile, fetal and maternity mortality.

My best regards.

Msc. Marcio Fossari, BR

Professor of medical school - UNIVALI (Brazil)

Coordinator teaching, internship and research in Itajai (city)

Active member of Itajai`s maternal, fetal and infantil death committee

Co-moderator of the CHIFA group

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