Conference On Science Journalism and Communication In Central Africa (COJOSAC) 26-27 October 2023

25 October, 2023

Dear HIFA Friends and Colleagues,

The Association of Science Journalists and Communicators for the Promotion of Health in Cameroon (AJC-PROSANTE) member of the World Federation of Science Journalists is organizing from the 26-27 October the First conference on Science Journalism and Communication In Central Africa (COJOSAC). The conference under the patronage of the Ministry of Communication will run under the theme : Public Health Emergencies in Central Africa : Issues, challenges and prospects. This international event will be held in the Faculty of Medicine and Biomedical sciences of the University of Yaounde 1. The event is expected to attract about 200 media professionals and 500 participants from several sectors. Experts from the health sector and other sectors will be involved in 12 plenary sessions and training workshops.

Warm regards,

Didier Demassosso

HIFA country representative coordinator Afro region

HIFA country representative for Cameroon


Didier Demassosso

Mental Health Expert

HIFA Country Coordinator For WHO AFRO Region

HIFA Country representative of the year 2014

MHIN Africa Knowledge Exchange Assistant

Member of the African Evidence Network (AEN)

Cameroon Human Right Fellow 2017

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HIFA profile: Didier Demassosso is a mental health practitioner, Consultant (WHO , MoPH Cameroon...), Mental health advocate , Youth advocate with 10 years experience in mental health development in Cameroon. He is also a health communicator and educationist. HIFA Country Representative For Cameroon/ HIFA Country Representative of the year 2014 / Regional Coordinator for Africa. He also currently volunteers for the Mental Health Innovation Network Africa as Knowledge Exchange Assistant. Email: didier.demassosso AT