CORE Group GHPC 2022: Session Submissions Now Open! Apply for Concurrent Sessions, Posters, and More!

21 April, 2022

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This may be of interest to many of you!! Abstracts are now open! See more:


We’re pleased to announce our Global Health Practitioner Conference 2022! Join us - in person or virtuually (limited program) - as we come together under the theme Transforming the Global Health Landscape and celebrate 25 years of collaborating and learning with our ever-expanding membership.


Apply for Concurrent Sessions, New Information Circuits, Posters & 90-Second Science Presentations!


All information below is for in-person presenters at the conference venue in Bethesda, Maryland, USA. Information regarding virtual sessions will be released in June.

The deadline for all in-person submissions is May 13, 2022, at 11:59 pm ET. All abstracts should address one of the following themes:


Technical: Abstracts should focus on the technical aspects of one of CORE Group's Working Groups (Systems for Health; Monitoring & Evaluation; Nutrition, Reproductive, Maternal, Newborn, Child & Adolescent Health; Social & Behavior Change) or Interest Groups (Disability Inclusive Health; Humanitarian Development; WASH and Health; Noncommunicable Diseases; and One Health).

Digital Innovations: Abstracts should highlight how digital innovations�online platforms and services, social media, apps, SMS, or other web-based technologies�<are being used to improve the health and well-being of mothers, children, and adolescents around the world.

Pandemic Response and Preparedness: Abstracts should explore topics related to service delivery challenges and successes during the pandemic; overcoming COVID-19 misinformation; vaccine confidence, distribution, and equity; lessons learned; or preparing for the next pandemic.

De-colonization of Global Health: Abstracts should highlight activities that are linked to changing the existing systems of dominance and power in the work to improve community and global health.

Localization and Inclusion: Abstracts should focus on efforts that are putting local actors at the center of community health systems�including community groups, civil society organizationss, and national institutions.

Mental Health: Abstracts should acknowledge the evolving role that mental health is playing in community health and development and highlight innovations and successes in this increasingly important topic.

*Cross-cutting themes: We encourage the inclusion of cross-cutting themes into all presentations and speaking opportunities. These themes may include disability inclusion, gender and LGBTQI+ issues, equity, racial equity and justice, social justice, human rights, socio-economic determinants of health, the Sustainable Development Goals, the intersection of climate & health, and other topics of interest.

Concurrent Sessions

Concurrent sessions offer an opportunity to bring together diverse professionals, experiences, and perspectives; examine new research, evidence, strategies, and practices; and engage with peers on emerging issues or opportunities. Approved submissions will ensure a diversity of topics and panelists that will collectively enhance participants’ Global Health Practitioner Conference experience.

Learn more and submit your Concurrent Session proposal.

New Information Circuits (NICs)

NICs are shorter-form presentations, part of a plenary session that features approximately 15 tables hosted by different organizations and projects. Participants will rotate three times � 25 minutes each time � to different tables during the session.

Learn more and submit your NICs proposal.

Poster Presentations

Posters are visual presentations focused on a particular theme that will be presented in person during the conference. CORE Group will accept evidence-based posters with an academic or professional focus, research information, peer-reviewed work, etc.

Learn more and submit your Poster proposal.

90-Second Science Presentations

This fast-paced, fun session will feature research-focused presentations, with ample time allotted for question & answers. Presenters have one and a half minutes to present their one slide featuring research & technical content. Following three presentations, the presenters are put onto a panel, where they will take questions and expand upon their work. CORE Group has allotted approximately 15 slots for the 90-Second Science Presentations.

Learn more and submit your 90-Second Science proposal.


As a conference sponsor, you are investing in CORE Group’s mission to advance community health. Join us to disseminate your resources and increase your visibility among global health leaders from cutting-edge organizations working tirelessly to promote healthy communities worldwide.

From NGO headquarters staff to field teams, foundation staff to researchers, our attendees are all looking for programs and services to aid their work.

Show them what you can do. Demonstrate your leadership in community health.

Learn more and secure your sponsorship!

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