Coronavirus (1005) Webinar: Re-imagining the Package of Care for Children

30 September, 2020

Dear HIFA-Zambia and CHIFA colleagues,

Forwarded from Child Health Task Force


Thank you to everyone who was able to attend today's fascinating webinar hosted by the Re-imagining the Package of Care for Children Subgroup on the advantages of integrated health models in response to COVID-19. You can view a recording of the webinar here, using the Passcode: .3G9JvAn.

We heard from Healthy Learners in Zambia about their school-based community health program and its impact during the COVID-19 pandemic and schools' re-opening. Their presentation was followed by reflections from Pascale Wagner, from PCI in Guatemala, and Oya Afsar from UNICEF providing a global outlook on schools, child health and COVID-19. I have attached the presentation slides from today to this email. Both the recording and the slides are also available on the Re-imagining the Package of Care subgroup page [] on our website.

Feel free to check out the Healthy Learners website [] for more information about their work. We also wanted to share a journal article mentioned during the webinar on Comprehensive school-based health programs to improve child and adolescent health: Evidence from Zambia [].


Best wishes, Neil

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