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Coronavirus (15)

28 March, 2020

I totally agree. Zambia needs to do more than what has been put in place for.

From the time this disease began to be recorded in Africa, the country would have put strict measures on the ports of entry but all advise from different stakeholders were not seen as being serious.

From 2 cases now on 22 cases the government is now doing what would have been done from inception where there were no cases at all.

With cases of people that had come infected from France, Pakistan, China etc, my question has been, what was done to follow up the people that came with same infected people in the same flight to ensure they carried no risks of transmission to their final destinations within the country.

Recently there have been reports of some foregn citizens who self qurantined herself without the authority knowing until the local workers at a certain company brew a whistle for the health authority to take actions.

Again an infected person who had gone to Packstan walked into ABSA bank for transaction and while there showed signs of sickness and when tested he was found positive with Convid 19.

Again how many people had this man been in contact with before this day in the bank.

There could be more people already infected in any part of the country without knowing or even knowing but fearing to come out for the fear of being quarantined

The solution to halting the fast spread taking place in Zambia is by putting in a place a lock down so as to allow desemination of information within the different areas and at the same time put a halt to movements that create millions of contacts that endenger the whole population.

Indeed Zambia needs to do more than what has already been done.

Thank you

HIFA-Zambia profile: Chindongo is Operations Director at Mutendo Development Facilitators in Zambia. Professional interests: Public health, Human rights, Development, Environment. greph5chind AT gmail.com