Coronavirus (15) Public health education and communication (2)

28 March, 2020

Well said [Flata Mwale, Zambia], it needs to be taken a lot more seriously.

I have been sent lots of messages from family and friends in zambia who feel they are safe because they have hand sanitiser.

This is the wrong message and sadly the businesses are capitalising on this with ridiculous price increases of hand sanitiser.

Soap and water should be encouraged more so as not to push those that cant afford into unnecessary worry.

Zambia has a few weeks to put in measures like India and the rest of the world. Social distancing in queues at market places, etc

Our other issues high density areas, venders, churches, people meeting in homes because churches etc are closed.

One thing I've noticed in the shops in uk which I hope will change soon. Is to ensure all shop staff have gloves and masks as they are at risk too. And could be deadly spreaders. If we can implement this in Zambia this would help.

Public transportation is a nightmare for the spread. Maybe a reduction on passenger numbers?? Or just to stop it all together

Our healthcare facilities create such concern and the likelihood of thousands lives being lost is greater if these measures are not put in place soon.

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