Coronavirus (26) Use of masks (5) Availability of antibody tests and proper PPE

1 April, 2020

Dear Tom, [Tom Browne, Zambia/UK]

Do not assume anything about what the UK has got/not got in place: It is a national scandal that the UK is so far behind on ordering antibody tests and proper PPE to reassure and protect our health and social care workers! We have 10% fewer health care workers at work (mostly self isolating at home) than in normal times, due to the slowness in getting going with both PCR and antibody testing for front-line staff.

Ethiopia was better prepared than the UK and has already sent 1.5 million antibody test kits to help fellow African countries.

Mwabombeni mukwai,

Jim Bond

(Consultant in Travel Medicine and Occupational Health physician)

HIFA profile: Jim Bond is a Travel & Tropical Medicines specialist in Edinburgh, U.K. AT