Covid 19 and Immunisation - What Can Children Do? (2)

24 November, 2020

Dear Clare et al,

This is in response to your request for "help and advice" about how to deal with public hesitancy to take Covid-19 vaccines. To foster public faith in other vaccines, it is arguably a good strategy to respect public hesitancy about Covid-19 vaccines. According to some experts, the testing to date is not sufficient to ensure that there will not be problems as they are widely used and over time. The risks associated with these vaccines are not only risks to public health (adverse events) but also risks to public faith in vaccines. Any problems subsequently seen with any of the Covid-12 vaccines might empower hesitancy about other vaccines. That threat can be mitigated if experts promoting other vaccines are willing to respect hesitancy about Covid-19 vaccines. Public trust is important.


CHIFA profile: David Gisselquist is an independent consultant in the United States and has a professional interest in nosocomial risks and transmission of HIV in Africa, agricultural development and agricultural inputs regulation, environment. Email address: david_gisselquist AT