COVID-19 information and vulnerable communities

26 March, 2020

Hello everyone,

I was wondering, how could we get the COVID-19 information to those most vulnerable communities that although they may hear about the virus in the world and in their own country, they still do not understand what the virus is?

They can't see it, they can't touch it, they can't feel it, so then, it's as if it doesn't exist where they are and where they decide to go.

A male over 60 years old from a remote town to the nearest city told me: “Oh, I have to go get my medicines, buy some food and visit a nephew and then I will return, God will accompany me (travelling by bus from his town to the nearest city that already has some cases of the virus).”

Information about washing your hands frequently, keep at least 1 meter apart and staying at home is not enough for them.

What are your thoughts about this?, How can we help them understand the virus and its behavior?


Yina Garcia-Lopez

HIFA-Zambia profile: Yina Garcia Lopez has a PhD in Public Health, Miguel Hernᮤez University, Spain, and a BA in Social Communication and Journalism, The University of North, Colombia. She is currently based in Edinburgh, UK. yinaliz.garcia AT