Demystifying Negative Menstrual Myths in Zambia

1 November, 2022

Dear HIFA-Zambia Members,

How can we best support girls to stay longer in school, seeing that their normal biological process hinders especially the vulnerable rural girls attain a decent education? I produced the film Distressed Distressed depicting a true story of a girl called Luse. After watching it? Do you think the topic should remain closed as usual, or should we start talking about how best we support the girl child?



Bridget Kakuwa-Kasongamulilo

HIFA-Zambia profile: Bridget Kakuwa-Kasongamulilo is a PhD student of Communication Science at University of South Africa. She has published on communication strategies used to promote regional integration in Africa and runs a family life and parenting blog on WordPress. Her professional interests are in participatory communication; educational child development and Psychology; Information management; water, sanitation and hygiene education; knowledge management and organizational learning; children broadcasting /television and film production. She has worked as Knowledge Management, Partnerships and Communication Advisor for FHI 360 . She previously worked as Regional Communications Officer for Feed the Future Harmonized Seed Regulations Project in Southern Africa, as Knowledge Management Manager at John Snow Inc(JSI). She has also worked for GIZ/SADC. She is currently working for the Centre for Coordination Of Agriculture Research & Development in Southern Africa (CCARDESA) as Information, Communication & Knowledge Management Officer. kakuwabridget AT