Digital child health: opportunities and obstacles (2) Pocket Book of Primary Healthcare for Children and Adolescents

2 January, 2024

Dr. Siderius' mention of the excellent 'Pocket Book of Primary Healthcare for Children and Adolescents' is most welcome. It is available to download for free, and I have shared it with others.

What would really be nice is if we could get some kind of feedback from the HIFA/CHIFA members as to who is using this document and how practical it has been in improving the health of children & adolescents. I make this suggestion because over the years, many other very good, easy to use & practical resources have been shared on this platform, but we have no idea of their uptake and usefulness.

HIFA profile: Mickey Rostoker, MD, FCFP, is Associate Clinical Professor, Family Practice, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, and Assistant Professor, Family Medicine, University of Saskatchewan, Regina, Canada. He is a HIFA Country Representative:

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