Do all hospitals have a medical librarian? (2)

18 May, 2019

Dear Neil,

Dr. De Brun question is very important. Since I am no longer in employment, I will give some historical perspective and my colleagues in positions will provide current information for example Ms Christine W . Kanyengo the University of Zambia Librarian and former medical librarian whom I had worked under could provide up to date information. The other person could Mrs. Francina Makondo the country coordinator for Zambia Library Association the University of Zambia Deputy Librarian.

Having said that I wish to confirm that we have hospital librarians in a number of hospitals and medical librarians at some university libraries.

When I was a committee member for HILA (Health and Information Libraries) we pushed for all hospitals and clinics to have health librarians in Zambia. If it had worked, we could have had a very strong network in providing health information or informatics.

I hope and trust that my colleagues will raise to the occasion because what Dr. De Brun is trying to hint would be very useful.

HIFA Profile: Kenneth L Chanda is Associate Consultant and Lecturer at National Institute of Public Administration where he is lecturing in Records Management. He is co-author of The development of telehealth as a strategy to improve health care services in Zambia. Kenneth L. Chanda & Jean G. Shaw. Health Information & Libraries Journal. Volume 27, Issue 2, pages 133139, June 2010. He recently retired as Assistant Medical Librarian at the University of Zambia. Masters degree in Development for Commication, patient advocate.

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