Do all hospitals have a medical librarian? (6)

19 May, 2019

About hospital libraries.

I report with an anedocte that is still vivid in my mind.

Years ago I established a medical library in the Regional Hospital of Dodoma. It was deserted. To my words of superiority, ☆nobody reads books in this hospital ☆ a doctor replied:

Dott. Massimo,

are you aware of the problems ($) that we left at home today? We have other priorities in mind, not certainly 'your' books.

I felt the pinch, and I kept it in mind since then. I leave to readers further considerations or comments.

In the following years I've noticed that doctors adopt internet for consultations, just during the round. On the patient's bed.

Books are 'obsolete'. Not for me...but I have time, mental space and easy life ($) that allow me to relax and feel the pleasure to read/study books.

Massimo Serventi


HIFA profile: Massimo Serventi is a long-standing Pediatrician working in Africa since 1982. He currently works on a volunteer basis in an excellent missionary/credited hospital in north Uganda, St. Mary's Hospital-Lacor-GULU. He has worked for several NGOs in 6 African/2 Asian countries. His interests include clinical and community pediatrics, adherence to clinical guidelines and school education as the major determinant of good health. massimoser20 AT