EHS-COVID (498) What have we learned about policy development during a pandemic? (3)

7 December, 2021

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Some HIFA members may find the following interesting

Apropos policy responses to COVID-19, here's a unique resource from India: The ‘COVID-19 and the Constitution’ timeline is a web-based resource conceptualized and developed by Centre for Health Equity, Law and Policy ( to document India's legal and policy response to the pandemic and contextualize it within fundamental rights guaranteed in the Indian Constitution. The timeline also offers illustrated personal narratives and experiences of citizens’ varied struggles, along with critical commentary on emerging issues that implicate fundamental rights. It is hoped that the project will serve to place health challenges within rights-based discourses, and provoke thought on these intersections. For more information please write to

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HIFA profile: Gauri Divan is a Paediatrician at Sangath in India. Professional interests: I am a paediatrician working in a non-governmental organisation, Sangath ( I work in the areas of early child development, developmental disabilities and adolescent health, focusing on the development and evaluation of interventions. gauri.divan AT