EHS-COVID (545) Global Research Nurses (GRN) Free webinar on COVID-19, 6th Sep 2022

24 August, 2022

Dear All

Global Research Nurses (GRN)/The Global Health Network (TGHN) is inviting you to register and participate in this webinar titled: Research Nurses in the frontline: COVID-19 field experience, lessons and impact

Webinar Date: 6th Sep 2022

Register here:

The effect of COVID-19 and its ripple effects are still being felt across virtually all health systems. Nurses as one of the most affected healthcare workers need a documentary of experiences and lessons being learnt on in the field of research, clinical settings, home care settings and many other fronts where nursing activities are being carried out. This webinar will be organized by Global Research Nurses and The Global Health Network in collaboration with African Nurses and Midwives Network and Blue Torch Home Care Limited.

This event will be a venue for nurses to showcase their contributions during this pandemic.

You can visit the webinar page and register by visiting the link below.


Ralueke Ekezie

African Regional Coordinator

Global Research Nurses

HIFA profile: Ekezie Ralueke Oluchukwu is a Registered Nurse/Registered Orthopedic Nurse,a Nurse Entrepreneur and a Clinical Research Nurse . He is a Maternal Health Ambassador with (MAMA) . He is a Board member of International Association of Clinical Research Nurses-IACRN African Chapter. A Social Enterprise Fellow with Circle of Health International (COHI) AustinTexas. Was Care Coordinator at Precious Health Care Ltd a Health Maintenance Organization from 2010 to 2013. Professional interests: Clinical Nursing Research , Primary Health Care,Home Care, Geriatrics care, Human Resource Development for Health, Clinical Trials. Lead Global Research Nurses(GRN) Nigerian faculty. Founder/CEO: Blue Torch Home Care Ltd. He is a HIFA Country Representative for Nigeria and HIFA Country Representative of year 2013. Website: Email: ralueke AT