Ensuring women have access to high-quality health information (6)

27 August, 2022

The common understanding ensues in people as well as healthcare workers that in diarrhoea if oral feeds are reduced the frequency of loose stools reduce. They prefer intravenous fluids and intravenous antibiotics as daycare procedure in small nursing homes rather than relying on rehydration with oral rehydration solution when the child is accepting oral feeds. Together the care giver and the health care worker need to understand the importance of ORS and increased oral fluid in acute diarrhoea without antibiotics. They should know about the duration of the illness and the importance of timely replacement of fluid in acute diarrhoea.

HIFA Profile: Aditi Singh is a Paediatric Consultant at C 5/52, India. Professional interests: Organizing camps to screen children for medical conditions.

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