Essential Health Services for Children and Covid-19(2)

30 October, 2020

Hello Dr Ranti Ekpo,

just receive a solidariety greetings from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil/ As here it is almost the same and similiar problems of disruption of primary health care services, many physicians in the frontline died, hospitals are still full with Covid high risks patients, lack or paucity of tests, and so on...

The virus has been politicized with complicated decisions at all health care system levels and, some schools are re-opening due to all kind of pressures, including political and socio-economic disruptions of home office for their parents, although many are now unemployed,

As well/we have been trying hard to keep basic and mitigation health education and health care messages through social networks

and internet/telemedicine networks, like

Rede Universitária de Telemedicina<> and Brazilian Pediatric Society SBP with many documents and lives available for all pediatricians,

in case i may help you with any additional information, please let me know/ keep healthy and hang on, children deserve a better world allover, our professional committment, as ever

Brazilian Regards,

Evelyn Eisenstein

CHIFA profile: Evelyn Eisenstein is Associate Professor of Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine at Centro de Estudos Integrados, Infancia, Adolescencia, Saude, CEIIAS in Brazil. Professional interests: Child and Adolescent Growth, UN-CRC health rights, digital health and Internet risks for children and teens/youth, medical risks like nutritional, infectious and sexual/reproductive disorders.

Email address: evelynbrasil AT