Evidence Aid August 2022 Newsletter

1 September, 2022

Hello everyone,

Evidence Aid’s August 2022 newsletter is now available here: https://evidenceaid.org/evidence-aid-newsletter-22-august-2022/ In it, you’ll find brief details of some of our latest summaries (titled: Hand hygiene compliance among healthcare workers and hospital-acquired infections, Interventions for people who are homeless and use drugs, Financial inclusion programmes in low- and middle-income countries), as well as information on the recent work of Evidence Aid and an invitation to let us know how we can help you and your work. If you would like to receive our newsletters directly, please email info@evidenceaid.org

With best wishes,


Jane Copsey, Administrator, Evidence Aid

HIFA profile: Jane Copsey is Administrator at Evidence Aid: Championing evidence-based humanitarian action. Email: jcopsey AT evidenceaid.org | Website: www.evidenceaid.org | Twitter: @EvidenceAid