Evidence Aid November 2022 bulletin

29 November, 2022

[*Note from NPW, moderator: Due to a technical glitch I am forwarding this on behalf of Claire Allen]

Hello HIFA members,

Evidence Aid has just released its November 2022 bulletin, containing shortened versions of three of our recent summaries about:

(1) Emotional and psychological impacts on healthcare workers of disasters and other mass casualty events;

(2) Non-communicable diseases and disasters; and

(3) Health system governance in settings with conflict-affected populations.

You can read the full bulletin here: https://evidenceaid.org/evidence-aid-bulletin-28-november-2022/

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Claire Allen, Operations Manager

Evidence Aid: Championing evidence-based humanitarian action.

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HIFA profile: Claire Allen is Operations Manager at Evidence Aid, UK. Professional interests: Evidence Aid (www.evidenceaid.org) provides evidence for people in disaster preparedness and response to make better decisions. Areas of interest = humanitarian crises, natural disasters and major healthcare emergencies (disaster = when a country is unable to cope with the disaster/crisis or emergency). She is a member of the HIFA Working Group on Access to Health Research. http://www.hifa.org/working-groups/access-health-research Email: callen AT evidenceaid.org