Evidence Aid's April Bulletin

10 April, 2024

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With the recent passing of World Health Day (1), this month's edition will spotlight the multifaceted impacts experienced by forced migrants, refugees and asylum seekers amidst humanitarian crises. Evidence Aid, recognizing the significance of evidence-backed decision-making, stands in solidarity with World Health Day, advocating for knowledge-driven policymaking, particularly for the most vulnerable populations.

Globally, 84 million international migrants are forcibly displaced individuals (2). This number will rise due to intersectional factors (poverty, security concerns, access to basic necessities and services, conflicts, environmental disasters, and degradation) (2). Migration inherently presents challenges, leading to deteriorating health outcomes (2). As the global situation deteriorates, we need to understand the multilayered needs, barriers and realities of migrants, refugees and asylum seekers to enhance preparedness in supporting this population effectively. The summaries highlighted in this bulletin encompass various topics, including the unique vulnerabilities experienced by migrating women during the COVID-19 pandemic, severe maternal outcomes in migrating women and medication adherence among immigrants and refugees.

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