Evidence Aid's March Bulletin

14 March, 2024

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This month's edition focuses on the experiences of children, adolescents, and parents in humanitarian crises. The global rise in children affected by humanitarian crises has shed light on the critical necessity of protecting them during conflicts, disasters and medical emergencies (1). Given their vulnerability to losing vital aspects of their well-being, such as health, education, family and innocence, protecting children in humanitarian action is a global pressing imperative (2). To ensure the well-being of children during humanitarian crises, it is essential to grasp their diverse needs and adopt evidence-based tools and approaches for their recovery. As such, the summaries we have highlighted cover a range of topics such as experiences of children and adolescents with disabilities, coping strategies and effective parental education programs tailored for parents.

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2. https://www.unicef.org/protection/protecting-children-in-humanitarian-ac...

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HIFA profile: Sumra Ali is a Personal Assistant at Evidence Aid, and is based in the United States. Professional interests: Humanitarian aid, global health, evidence-based decision-making Sali AT evidenceaid.org