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Evidence Aid's May Bulletin

15 May, 2024

Hello everyone,

Evidence Aid's latest bulletin is now available here: https://evidenceaid.org/evidence-aid-bulletin-14-may-2024/

In this edition, our focus is the pressing issue of climate change (1). Over the last year, we’ve had many reports of wildfires raging (2), devastating floods (3), powerful tornadoes (4), and scorching heatwaves (5). The toll is evident in lost homes and lives, as our struggle with greenhouse gas emissions continues. These emissions are driving up global temperatures, exacerbating droughts, accelerating polar ice melting, diminishing biodiversity, fueling these natural disasters. Climate change impacts us all, so amidst warnings from the United Nations (6), policy experts, business leaders and economists, the urgent call for action extends far beyond those in positions of authority. It requires a commitment from all of us, regardless of our backgrounds or fields of expertise. This month's bulletin highlights three summaries from our evidence collection: Humanitarian impact of climate change (7). They provide insight into the impact on community well-being, adaptation, and malnutrition.

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Sumra Ali, Assistant to the Operations Director

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HIFA profile: Sumra Ali is a Personal Assistant at Evidence Aid, and is based in the United States. Professional interests: Humanitarian aid, global health, evidence-based decision-making Sali AT evidenceaid.org