Evidence Aid's November Newsletter

17 November, 2023

Hello everyone,

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This month we turn our attention to two elements of emergency crisis response. The first, health systems. Possessing the capacity to maintain functioning health services, particularly during humanitarian crises, is integral to saving lives<https://evidenceaid.org/resource/the-concept-of-resilient-health-systems/> in the face of emergencies. As such, this month's newsletter further highlights Evidence Aid's Resilient Health Systems<https://evidenceaid.org/evidence/resilient-health-systems/?p=108352&lang... (RHS) evidence collection and its provision of essential information for decision-makers. . The second, a spotlight on cash transfers and their potential power to shift autonomy back into the hands of affected communities.

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HIFA profile: Jane Copsey is Administrator at Evidence Aid: Championing evidence-based humanitarian action. Email: jcopsey@evidenceaid.org | Website: www.evidenceaid.org | Twitter: @EvidenceAid jcopsey AT evidenceaid.org