Exploring the Antimicrobial Stewardship Educational Needs of Healthcare Students (10) Why are antibiotics overprescribed? (2)

15 June, 2022

This is not only a disaster in the sub-saharan regions of Tanzania itself, but Zambia, DR. Congo, Mozambique.

With ease of travel, we are sitting on a powder keg

Mulenga Lwansa Ph.D

HIFA profile: Dr. Mulenga is Zambian Pharmacist with over 24 years work experience in 4 different sub-Saharan Countries. He is a strong believer in UHC and Health Information for All. He hosts a radio show on Patient safety which is very well received in the communities. Piloted the first ART in Namibia 2001.Have worked in the Management Sciences for Health, Namibia and the UNDP/GFTAM South Sudan. He posses a Dual MPH/Ph.D Pharmacovigilance, USA and a B.Pharm, USDM. Email: lwansa@yahoo.com He is a HIFA Country Representative http://www.hifa.org/support/members/mulenga