Exploring the Antimicrobial Stewardship Educational Needs of Healthcare Students (6)

11 June, 2022

Dear Neil and Massimo, I do remember that Massimo taught me a subject of pediatrics some years ago here in my country, Tanzania - he is very keen. Other factors contributing to (in Tanzania) antibiotics misuse includes:

1) Knowledge gap among the community members on correct use of antibiotics including the effects of misusing the medicine(antibiotics). Possible solutions for this gap are: I) Using community radio and TV to advocate for correct use of antibiotics. The radio/TV programs must be well organized/ monitored by ministry of health. ii) Using trained community health workers and influential people to advocate/educate people at the community level on proper use of antibiotics-community people should be educated on dangers of inappropriate use of antibiotics/medicine.

2) Knowledge gap among the service providers (health care workers) about the medication/antibiotics: dosage, duration of using the medicine, right indication for the antibiotic (right patient and disease), correct storage of antibiotic at health facility/home. Solution for this gap include: proper training the health care service providers of all cadres including pharmaceutical shop keepers.

Best regards, Chilolo, Tanzania.

Edward Simon Chilolo, Mob: +255787170062; +255655170062, Dar es salaam, Tanzania, East Africa.

HIFA profile: Edward Chilolo is currently working with PharmAccess International (NGO) as Senior Officer, TB/HIV Project, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. He previously worked as Zonal Health, Nutrition and HIV/AIDS coordinator, World Vision Tanzania. Professional interests: Health and health related MDGs. Global health. echilolo AT yahoo.co.uk